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Harry Potter is by far my favorite masterpiece. I read it and watched countless times and there are still things from it that connect even after all this time.

Considered a fantasy novel or a children’s movie by most adults, it reveals a simple fact that no matter how literate or well read you are, you miss a whole understanding of mystical literature that perhaps doesn’t feed a certain amount of appetite for readers, although it is the source of all masterpiece writings.

The book is nothing more and nothing less than the journey to Holy Grail  in the mystical world of wizards, of a chosen character, Harry Potter. The masterpiece is arcanic, highly related to astronomy and ancient cultures, with each character having symbolic names from Harry Potter, (potter is the hand made pot/vase), Draco Malfoy (Draco is a constellation in form of a snake, in the northern sky. North is always a place of darkness and fear, usually performed by death,  that the candidate to the Holy Grail must go through and survive), Sirius Black (Sirius is the brightest star in the universe, also known as the Dog star in the Canis Major Constellation), Bellatrix Lestrange, Regulus Black, and Voldermort which is a french given name meaning flight of death (Vol de Mort)

Almost everybody has heard of the Philosopher’s Stone, not necessarily as the Harry Potter’s first book, but as a philosophical concept that many have debated, but just like JKR shows in her book, only the chosen ones can decipher the true meaning of things and have the ability to swim in the abstract ocean of logic and madness. Of course you can argue it with relativity ideas and multiple interpretation, but only those who have the key can match the interpretation to its own meaning, which obviously its not the same all the time.

In the mortal world, the journey to Holy Grail has been presented as a religious quest for a …dish. In the wizards world, the author presents a much more complex design, from building the character/the pot by an alchemist, in the person of Albus Dumbledore, to championing the triwizard cup and thus attaining the skills necessary to defeat death and restore balance within that world.

JKR’s work is complete in terms of documentary and related pieces that gravitate around the main character with an absolute dedication to the divine science. It refers even to historical characters like Nicholas Flamel, a french writer that lived between 1330-1418, which is portrayed by non other than Dumbledore himself.

From the characters like Hagrid, the keeper of keys to Snape, the half blood price, JKR draws a world full of creatures, artifacts and teachings, of which most of us have heard at least once, yet, it perceives to be a world of dreams, Harry’s dreams that Dumbledore defines perfectly in last book at the King Cross station: “of course it happens in your head, harry. that doesnt mean it isnt true” .

In my opinion, great writers and great works are defined by limits. limits of time, limits of power, limits of personality, limits of space. And JKR did that, putting the right keys, in the right place, at the right time, leaving words of wisdom that can carry on generations in a time of great wonder.

Harry Potter will never be a book for children, but it opens the doors of imagination. And not all those who wonder are lost.


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