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From legend to fiction

      The texts that are written on the Egypt pyramid mention the gods of the dead that are to be remembered in the literature and doctrines related to it. The after life sacred texts and of the resurrection of a glorified or transformed body, based upon the ancient story of the resurrection of Osiris after a cruel death and horrible mutilation, inflicted by the powers of evil, was the same in all periods, and that the legends of the most ancient times were accepted without material alteration or addition in the texts of the later dynasties.

George Martin, incorporates the secret doctrine of the ancient times within its work, and House Greyjoy is a representation of nothing else than the Egyptian story of Isis and Osiris. Of course they are all allegories and metaphorical representation with only a symbolic meaning.

For those who didnt develop an interest in mythology, the story of Osiris is nowhere found as a complete biography’, yet its life, suffering and resurrection are  facts universally admitted and transmitted. Osiris was the heir of the New Kingdom in Egypt, coming from a great and long lineage dynasty, having Isis as wife, which was also his sister.  The plot thickens when Typhon (Set) conveys with 72 comrades to slay him.

The plot is similar to Ramsay Bolton’s trickset played on Theon Greyjoy, before he was tied on the X cross already prepared. Thyphon made a coffin chest and invited Osiris to a ball, where they caught him, put him in the coffin and buried it under a great tree. The news was brought to Isis and while she mourned him, she went out looking for him and found the tree and chest with the help of the dogs.

After many sacrifices, she eventually takes the chest and hides it, but Thyphon hunted it down and mutilated the body, turning it into 14 pieces and scattered them all over the realm. When Isis found out, she took the boat in the search of his brother and husband’s pieces and wherever she found one, she built a temple. She found every piece except his penis who was thrown into the waters and fish ate it. The legend says that because of the sacrifices Isis made, Osiris came back from the other world and prepared Horus, their son, to fight the evil Thyphon, considering the most noble thing to avenge the evil done to his mother and father.

This is in part, the story Plutarch wrote, yet poets and prose writers have transformed the myth into fiction and frivolous fabrication, but Egyptians in their doctrines considered all astronomical references, whereas Thyphon is the solar world, overmastering with actions of violence and brutality, Osiris is the lunar world, both female and male, and Horus the terrestrial realm.

What is dead may never die” is a remix of “If Osiris lived forever, the deceased will live forever

In the books with reference to the past, Osiris titles are longer that even Khaleesi could ever name, including the one who manages the affairs of the White Wall.


Brief on the IronBorn House Greyjoy

The Iron Islands were settled by the First Men many thousands of years ago. In 289 AC the ironborn revolted in Greyjoy’s Rebellion in an attempt to restore the Old Way, but they were crushed by King Robert I Baratheon.

The ironborn follow the Drowned God, a harsh deity said to dwell beneath the oceans. They believe the Drowned God made them to take what they wanted by right of strength, to rape, reave and carve out kingdoms and to make their names known in fire, blood, steel, and song. From birth they commit their bodies to the sea and join their god when they die. The clergy of the Drowned God are the drowned men, who are drowned and then resuscitated.

Main characters: Theon and Yara Greyjoy, later joined  by Euron, the self-claimed drowned god.

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