People read people

People read Kant, Freud, Bukowski or Kafka frate’ to kill time and find answers for questions they never really asked. They feel enriched by poor words in heavy languages and complicated ideas through which they need to justify hopeless meanings.

They preach a life they dont understand, a love they dont feel and a faith they dont believe.  They invent ideas and stories and feelings to tell others more they tell themselves.

People read people, so they never learn anything. They seek alliances, they make enemies, they build images, idols, empires, they break vows and other people, they get lost, they seek spirit, they lose matter, they find nothing. They cant even read themselves.

In small communities, in lack of knowledge and greater purpose, people will look for the fruits of other people. Social media thus, makes it easy in providing a market for everyone’s fruitful mind releases either if they are poisonous or delicious. To this extent, like in village, people refer to other people, mainly by alliance or animosities, rarely in competition. The struggle between what is right and who is wrong is fierce, as just like in the game of thrones, the chair of influencer gives an enormous fuel for

It doesnt matter who writes. It matters content. Just like music. Some interpret better, but vibe doesnt lie.

It matters if it builds a bridge instead of an image. It matters if it shares with you for goodwill or to harvest you. Fine line between those two.

It matters if it makes you stop for a while. If it doesnt fill you with anger, sympathy, antipathy, even empathy.

It matters if it doesnt point to anyone, if it lights the room or slays  the darkness.

It matters that when you finish reading, you dont care who wrote it.



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