What’s up with Mars

If you’d set up a company in Romania for example, to put men on Mars, not only you would be laughed at, if anyone would listen to you but you would most probably be given a free check at the psychiatrist.

Yet, on the other side of the earth, in United States, one of the most valuable private companies, SpaceX, co-founded by Elon Musk is doing exactly the same thing. Set up in 2002, currently evaluated at $20 billion, the company has built and tested a rocket, Falcon 9, and it had proved it can safely complete trips to the International Space Station. In December this year, it is set to send a rover on the moon  but its goal is to send ‘a bunch” of people on Mars as early as 2024. The mission to Mars is also supported by NASA, which will also back Tesla’s first unmanned capsule to Mars in 2018.

As scifi as it might seem, the story of the trip to Mars and to Moon as well as a self sufficient solar city, are stories that fueled Nicholas Tesla era for a long time. Everything that Elon Musk is proceeding is based on that story pretty much like following a child in a Jules Verne adventure.

Research paper of Nicholas Tesla are now widely available, including his work on radio frequency exploration and astronomical facts about Mars. His story then and even now are still a subject of mockery including in the scientific area.

Along Nicholas Tesla was Guglielmo Marconi, another brilliant scientist, student and friend of Tesla, and together they founded a secret high tech city in South America, somewhere in the midst of a volcano in Venezuela. Marconi and Tesla, were given both credit for the invention of the radio transmission. Marconi also got a Nobel Prize for Physics in 1909 together with Karl Bran for important modifications which increased therange of the first Marconi transmitters.

98 scientist are said to have gone to South America where they built an entire city in an extinct volcanic crater, financed by the wealth they made with their earlier projects. They continued Marconi’s work on solar energy, cosmic energy and antigravity. They built free energy motors and ultimately an aircraft with a form of gyroscopic anti-gravity. All work was said to be done for the good of all mankind and universal peace. By 1946, the city was running on cosmic energy and by 1952, according to Naciso Genovese, a student of Marconi, they traveled across seas and continents using inexhaustible energy, by continuous energy supply. The same Genovese mentioned that traveling to Moon and Mars were relatively simply, few hours to Moon and couple of days to Mars.

Of course this looks awkwardly scifi literature, though apparently Elon is following precisely Nicholas’s steps. People are investing in technology and future that some time ago was only a myth while stories and legends about Mars have long walked the earth libraries in the search for wanderers of distant lands.




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