A man says a lot of things in the summer that doesn’t mean in the winter



“Because the birdsong might be pretty,
But it’s not for you they sing,
And if you think my winter is too cold,
Then you don’t deserve my spring.”


We’ve lost the meaning of the sea, of sun and cold and mystery. Tradition is mere a glossary. Of lost words and love, reason and sympathy. Year after year, season after season, we grow old, never wise, never rise, in a wheel of time, on a wheel in space, into a place of cold.

Ever questioned the trees? They are the sole witness of history, maybe that is why people cut them. To forget where we come from, lose our roots, our hopes and heavenly doors.

History is one way to arrange time and matter. Literature is another. And every now and then, every generation has a writer of tales, fables, fairy tales and adventure journeys. My childhood had Walt Disney, late adolescence had J.K. Rowling, adulthood was represented by George R.R Martin. In between there were actually very unpopular and unknown authors, so i made sure i watched Harry Potter more than 100 times and Walt Disney countless ones .  Popular culture is as much embraced, least understood, usually most loved, reason for which it is also despised, as it is perceived childish and shallow. You will often find people that do not read popular books or watch popular movies precisely for the reason that their popularity will not make them look highly intelligent by reading or watching it. I mean, highly educated people do not watch cartoons with ducks and cliche princesses or a wizard boy who lived to die another day. They read Kafka, Bukowski, heavy literature, stoned feelings that drown the spirit in the abyss of no man’s land trying to understand what they couldnt in a cheesy fairy tale. Only the brave one’s read heavy literature. None make it out alive. Their feelings actually die in the search of self.

Coming back to popular things, what everybody likes about winter is Christmas. A time of joy, and gifts and sausages, champagne and jingle bells. But “Winter is coming” has become a symbol of the pop culture in a different way. George Martin has made an old saying into a house statement and a long 7 seasons repeated quote. Maybe someone would actually get it. So, what is “winter is coming”? And who else made a story about it?

7 seasons of Game of Thrones, the audience was thrilled and focused on the political war for power between the Houses. Plots, schemes, twists, animosities, alliances, betrayals, forever losses and temporary wins. But George R.R. Martin veiled within its story the real enemy. “Death is the enemy” is the name of the 5th episode of the last season of GOT. Suddenly life has a way better value than a throne. This is not a topic about GOT, yet it gives the current material for study, neither about death, a majestic subject that deserves a special philosophical approach. So, not today, darling.

Theoretically GoT’s fans should also be Harry Potter fans, but there are some generation gaps, so statistics would fail. To brief up, Harry Potter is another prince to be, triwizard champion that has to defeat death also in the seventh season. I’m pretty sure, because JKR has a different composition without repeating or pointing something out, that no one remembers Harry Potter’s letter to his godfather Sirius (also named Padfoot) in the Order of the Phoenix, where Voldemort was raising his army of darkness, just like the Night King in the GoT.

“Dear Padfoot.. i hope you’re all right. It’s starting to get colder here. Winter is definitely on the way. In spite of being back to Hogwarts, i feel more alone than ever. I know, you of all people, will understand”

Another brilliant trilogy that speaks of the cold winter is J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

When the cold of Winter comes
Starless night will cover day
In the veiling of the sun
We will walk in bitter rain

Winter has always been presented as a dark, cold element in the popular culture. Romantics and classics would disagree, but they have been always hopeless.

Cartoons that have used precisely “winter is coming” are actually quite old, some of them older than George Martin.



As you can see the characters are also going down south during winters, except for some precise idiots that have to defeat the author.  Of course GoT and Harry Potter are a huge resource in literature and references, but if you ask me i think Tweety and Sylvester are my favorite, because Tweety is always happy and nice and Sylvester always chocks.

And also a cuter version of winter, short, with an end. That was just a dream.


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