Game of Thrones – The chaos of the deep. A light in the dark

Chaos isn’t a pit. It is neither a ladder. It is just deep water. Unknown. Before the world was formed.

In the ancient text of the oldest of the libraries, the creation of the world is considered to be a long epic poem. The tablets, that appear to be seven in number, under the rule that creation marks of a series of successive acts, presented a curious similarity to the account of the creation recorded in the first chapter of the Genesis.

Under a thin disguise of the theological nomenclature, the Babylonian theory of the universe was presented as a philosophical materialization. The gods themselves come and go like mortal men, taking mortal shapes. The Babylonians also believed the the world was created out of water like a baby from a mother’s thumb.

It sums up under a poetical garb, the teachings  of mythology and philosophy about the origin of things. Like any other barbarians, Babylonians passed over in silence the one principle of the universe which constitutes in two, the male and the female, and under the union of this opposites the intelligible world forms. This is where the ice and fire, come together in George Martin’s work as the forces that have to unite and create the new world, after all the darkness, chaos and destruction.

In the same writings, light and darkness, chaos and order are always struggling one against the other but the victory was always insured by the Sun-God that had defeated the wicked serpent.

The legend of Azor Ahai, is presented as a Lord the Light that forged the sword Lightbringer which he used to defeat the darkness of the Great Other. This came at a price, however, as in order to unleash the sword’s true powers he had to plunge it into the heart of his loving wife, Nissa Nissa. A prophecy foretells that he will be reborn as The Prince That Was Promised.

If George Martin followed the ancient teachings and the seven tablets of creation, that means he used the principle of the creator using Bran’s character, making him actually a god, an all seeing eye, a lord of many aspects and forms, god of the dead, god of the resurrection, the lord of life for all eternity. Yes, they are all mentioned in the ancients scripts: “He is the “giver of life from the beginning;” “life springs up to us from his destruction,” and the germ which proceeds from him engenders life in both the dead and the living.” Which means he is also the Night King.

In the sacred texts, you will find Azor Ahai as the Asur, the great Lord, the director of the hosts of the God, the giver of the scepter and the crown, the establisher of the Kingdom. All characters are actually hosts through which god and his lords perform and decide if the future King is worthy of his titles and the Kingdom to be born, whether he will defeat the darkness and establish peace and order.


source: the royal library

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