Superbowl 2019 | AdsOn

There are still creatives out there who master their craft in putting the precise elements to make an advertising piece, whether video or print, that speaks more that a what beer or pack of biscuits can do. While on the side, there are cheerers on how great, genius or ingenious a piece of ad is, there are also those who salute the creatives of the big ideas.

The Myth is real

You gotta enjoy it

Hit the high notes. No, no, no, not like that

Might be delusional

You might not get it

No excuses

It’s vewy expensive

Actually it is not a journey

We changed the game a little bit

Its fun with some players

It’s loooong. it’s like never ending. so get your shit like cardi B

Japan makes shit possible. US makes shit possible. China made shit possible. You know what is secret of making shit possible? No, it aint dreaming. Working? hmm. one can always work in the wrong direction. Now that is a question that is worth the answer

Make sure you get it

Football is a sport. NFL is a business

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